The 24th Annual African Child' Day in Kumamoto

                   8〜10 July 2016 
                      Welcome to Kumamoto 

  Friday, 8 July     Homestay

                         Ranko's house                  

                  A tatami room arranged for Niematallah & Abeer

           Niematallah & Abeer from Sudan         Dinner (grilled salmon, potato soup, salad and stew)

                        Japanese sweets, grape and a cup of coffee
          Look ! gorgeous jewels                            Lovely Niema  

                          An ethnic costume (The Republic of the Sudan)

                Ranko                      Tomoko (Ranko's sister-in-law)                        
                                We are friends.

                             Tomoko's husband Koichi
    Saturday, 9 July

          A dining room               Breakfast (bread,fruits, soup and a sunnyside up)

                             You have good taste in clothes.

                                             We are leaving now.
      Welcome get-together at Ichinosoko restaurant

          A prefectural governor Kabashima and Mrs.Berry Grace AKECH-OKULLO Uganda

                                       Sudan's national flag

                                                     Dancing with a Japanese hat
     We visited Ranko's condminium on our way home.

                Afran joined us.

                 We slept together in a living room.
                      Nobody could stop our chattering.
   Sunday, 10 June

                     Good morning

                 Mixed cheese on a bread       Japanese food 'Kiriboshi daikon'

                           French toast                    

                                 At the front door

       A gorgeous car at a parking lot in Ranko's condominium        Downtown

                             Kumamoto's character KUMAMON

                                  In front of the beautiful shutter

    Keynote speech and panel discussion

    Lunch (African and Japanese cuisines)


                                 We enjoyed it very much. 

                        Together we build a better future


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