Friendship Force    Welcome to Kumamoto

                             From Santa Barbara    2017 10/29〜11/4
  Sunday, October 29

            Kumamoto Airport              The plane was delayed for about one hour of a typhoon.

                  Ambassadors arrived at the Kumamoto airport.

                     Here comes Patricia                     Here is Mary.

                           21ambassadors and host families

  Monday October 30

         Breakfast at Ranko's home 
                                             Mary & Patricia

       Let's prepare supper.

    Welcome lunch at OGATA's home





              A host intrduced her guests.       Other hosts turn and introduced their guests.




                          Potluck                  Dishes prepared by the hosts.

                       BBQ                     Oden         Tom Yum goong


     Let's prepare supper!

                   At a meat shop                    making Harumaki 春巻き

        Tomoko    Ranko's sister-in-law

 Monday October 31

                    Carrot soup, Rice bread(made by Tomoko) and Yogurt with fruits

                     Meeting at Josaien in the Kumamoto castle

     Watching Wild Dolphin at Matsusima in Amakusa




                                     We enjoyed cruise

       Welcome party at Ranko's home with her friends.   





                   Let's sing a song                   low low low your boat ♪

                     Mary brought her hand made dried persimmon.




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