Friendship Force
   Oct.9 Saturday    Exchange to Minsk  

         They arrived at Kumamoto after staying in Nagasaki for a week.

                              Mikolai & Viktoria Nimahai
                         Welcome dinner
 at Ranko's house

       They stayed Ranko's condominium


       Good night

   Oct.10 Sunday Mt.Aso

                            Nishihara field
                  Mikolai helped Ranko's heavy shopping bag.

                                Tea time at restaurant "Ruru"

                 Lunch at restaurant "Yakusouen" (medical herb)



   An active volcano




    Daikanbou (great field)


   Dinner at Chinese restaurant "Toukagen" in the Hotel Castle with Yoshiko(Toku's mother) 
  Oct.11 Monday Seiwa Bunraku and Tsujunkyo

            The Kumamoto modern museum with Ranko's niece Kanami

     Dinner at Okonomiyaki restaurant"Tibou" in the Tsuruya department store.



                          Kanami taught how to use chopsticks


  Oct.12 One day tour to "Amakusa"
                       to watch 300 dolphins by a chartered boat.

 Dinner at Japanese restaurant"Matsuri" in the KKR Hotel






  Oct.13 Wednesday  Visitation Government & Mayor



   Kumamoto castle

                             We are here!

      Toku's mother Yoshiko's care houseGrand Garden"

                           Presents "flower and chocolate"

                        Healthy dinner with Yoshiko

   Oct.14 Wednesday  Free day

                    Breakfast at Ranko's house
      A spoon attached a pearl. They bought same one for her daughter at Mikimoto shop.

     Japanese Tatami room

               Ranko's husband Toku 

     Toku's office


     Higo Zogan "Mitsusuke"                      



     Electric shop"Kojima"

    "Lexus" show room



   Lunch at sushi bar"Benkei "in the Nikko Hotel

                  Mikolai loves WASABI very much.   Special service!


     The Suizenji park





                       This sigh was printed by Toku's company.

                              Shoppingcount by Soroban

     Farewell party at Meruparuku








   Oct.15 Friday  Picking oranges
                        Day host ”Junko Ueda”

                 Junko's nephew

    Pot-luck party at Ranko's condominium
          Ranko's grandson Taiyo

                                        High quality Vodka


                          Ranko's nice friends

  Oct.16 Saturday Departure from Kumamoto to Tokyo





                           See you again 
                               We had a good time with you.Thank you!

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