2011・Sep 28   From West Alajuela in Costa-Rica

  San Jose(Costa-Rica) El SalvadorLos AngelesBeijingNaritaOsakaKumamoto

                              Welcome to Kumamoto    Arrived at 8:20 pm     


                               We'll stay at Ranko's condominium.

                       Oh My God! shoes ↑

                          Temaki sushi and Japanese soup

                              Using chopsticks is so difficult but enjoyable

 Sep 29

        Mr.Hayata is a F.F member and President of Hino Car Co.,LTD in Kumamoto.

                                      Let's go to Amakusa

                                  Christina Misumi is a today’s interpreter.

                                       Dolphin watching
                        Sake factory
                                         Sake is so good !
                                Traditional Japanese sweet shop   
    Kumamoto station   .

                         Pick up Ranko's husband at the Kumamoto station.


             Dried small fish


                                 Nice to meet you

   Dinner at Matsuri restaurant in KKR Hotel Kumamoto








                           The Kumamoto Castle behind us is so beautiful.

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