Friendship Force
                  Welcome to Kumamotot!
                                  Central corst Australia

2018 4/1〜4/8
     Sunday, April 1

                  11Ambassadors and 7 host families met at The New Hotel Kumamoto

                  Nice to meet you!             Ranko's guest       Moira & Janet 

          Cherry blossom viewing at Kumamoto Castle's Ninomaru Park

                         We carried food and drink for lunch picnic

                Special Seats Reserved for you!           Ranko's sister Yumi     'toast'


                     Various kinds of food                Grilled dried fish 'a ray'


                                                  The owner of an Izakaya restaurant


                 We enjoyed picnic.
     Monday, April 2

                        Breakfast   salad, soup and bread

             Driving to Mt.Aso 

      The outer rim of the Mt.Aso looks like a drawing of the Buddha after his death.

                           Internathional park Daikanbo


               Together with Ranko's friend, Naomi

                   Lunch at a restauant                  Kamameshi & Dangojiru

     Dinner at Ranko's home



                   Together with Ranko's sister-in-law Tomoko and her husband Koichi

               (_ _)(・.*)(~O~)(・\) Good night

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