Tuesday, April 3
             Dolphin Waching from the boat, the Amakusa islands


          A bus to picked us up at Josaien                     Let's go to Amakusa!

     Dinner at Ranko's friend Ikuko's home 
                A typical jananese room          Buddhist alter                     

           Together with Ikuko & her three grandchildrens   They decorated a room for the guests.

              Welcome playing piano

          Temakisushi 'sushi wrapped in nori               She wrapped ingredients very well.


    Wednsday, April 4  Visiting Kumamoto city hall
                       Together with Mr.Furusyo representing the Mayor's office.

                Welcome to Kumamoto                     Nice to meet you.




     Take a rest at Ranko's condominium in downtown Kumamoto
                Manjyu with meat filling
     Stroll around the Suizenji Park


               Purify our hands

     Ranko's office


    Welcome dinner at a Japanese restaurant Aoyagi whose owner is one of our members


                 Exchange presents                        Cheers!(*^◇^)/゚゚\(^◇^*)

             Savory egg custard           Salad with fruit Banpeiyu ' Kumamoto's noted product'

                      Tofu, etc                               Tempura

               Shabu shabu ’wagyu & vegitables'                  Nigiri sushi




                                     Let's dance together


                 Presents from FF Kumamoto

                          (*~¬~*)/。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆  Good night 

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