AisiLia Hanesia  Farha mutia     Welcome to Kumamoto
       October 26

                 Nice to meet you.             We met Ranko at the Nikko Hotel, our host family

            We ate "Tempura" at a tempura restaurant "Tenichi" in the Tsuruya Department Store.

      November 17 

                    We visited Ranko's house


             We prepared for lunch.                           I put rice on a plate.

                     Enjoy cooking

                    This is Sri Lanka curry

            Crab meat salad , marinated salmon and Yogurt drink

                           Hi ! I'm Rankoヽ(*^^*)ノ

                 Japanese sweet and green tea          This is Ranko's husband Tokutaro

            We visited Toku's mother at the care house.


                    Yoshiko is 89 years old.

                                  Yoshiko is interested in Indonesia.

            9・December             Dance party at the Nikko hotel


                                                Ranko danced ♪cha cha cha ♪

                                            Ranko's friend Mikiko

                            Yuriko                        Masako

               Ranko's teacher Takatoshi Aoyama               Aoyama and his partner  

                                  Kumamoto university



                        Gift from the host family

                        We sang beautiful songs and played music nicely.

                                  We had a good time.
            December 20  Ranko's condominium


              A book of flower arrangement

        Itarian restaurant Takahashi


             Green salad covered with baked cheese              2 kinds of spaghetti

                                  Woo!  U\(●~▽~●)У Tamatebako


                                                   Presents from Ranko 

                            Did you enjoy your stay in Kumamoto?
                          I hope to keep in touch with you forever.
                          See you again.    Rankoヽ(*^^*)ノ



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